Successfully deploying a GPS-based employee tracking app requires more than just latest cutting edge technology. As with any operational change, your employees may resist it initially. Field/Sales employees may have concerns about a GPS based app being too intrusive. They may feel that their employer doesn't trust them. They may also not understand why you introduced a GPS-based employee day tracking app? Involving your employees early in the deployment process, and clearly explaining your goals for the technology, can make the transition easy.

8 tips on getting started with a new GPS based employee tracking app

Focus on the benefits for staff

No more manual daily sales report, distance traveled calculations, less paperwork, no more order details to be given to office once order is booked it is recorded in the office and sales employee task is done. Daily expenses can be directly added in real-time for faster reimbursement, bills of the food, hotel or travel can be uploaded by just clicking the picture of it, the accounts department will get all the details, as simple as that.   There are actually many ways dayTrack can make life easier for your employees.

All the details of the clients are available at their finger tips like

  • address of the client
  • Google maps link to reach the client's location
  • contact details of all concerns at client's office
  • when was the last visit done and who visited
  • what order the client has placed in past
  • what is the payment history
  • is there payment due on the client and much more

Be open

Don’t hesitate to tell your employees that during official working hours their GPS location will be picked at a regular interval and when they will check-in at client's place and while leaving. Communicate with staff with open heart and mind, that will give them an opportunity to ask the questions and share what concerns they have about the employee tracking app.

Explain how it works

Some employees may just see it as a ‘boss in the mobile phone’ and may have doubts about what all it does and how it is going to work. Remove the mystery of what dayTrack is, what information is collected and how it will be used for their benefit only, after all your main objective is improving the efficiency of the employees not to keep a eye on them.

Make sure they know it’s not personal

Your employees may think that the company will monitor their movement round the clock on all days. Do tell them clearly that the GPS location will be picked only on working day and during their working hours, if the employee is on leave or its holiday then GPS tracking will not work. After working hours the GPS tracking will not work but in case they login into the app then their location when they login will be picked.

Be open to employee ideas

When you are implementing the employee tracking app, always be open to the ideas or inputs given by the staff as dayTrack offer customization as well and feedback of the actual users will go a long way toward the acceptance of app.

Don’t hide the benefits to the company

If you don’t discuss with your employees what are the benefit for the company with employee tracking app - dayTrack, employees may become suspicious. Tell clearly about benefits company will have by implementing the app. Of course, you can mention how a more profitable business is better for your employees as well, providing them growth opportunities and better working environment.

Keep the environment positive

While you may get various reason by the staff to avoid the change but be calm and focus on positive aspects of app. Employees may say they don't have big screen phones or may be not have android phones, you may take a call and offer them phones or reimburse their purchase of new mobile handset. Offer them power bank as many will say regular internet usage may cause battery discharge. You may also need to get them internet packs on their mobile plans as many might not have it. Solve their issues that will build their confidence and will give an impression that company is any way going to implement the field force tracking app taking all staff members in confidence.

Don’t expect all employees to be happy about the app

While good employees will welcome the app which will help them to improve their performance, help them go paper less and no separate reporting to be done for the day despite of the fact that their location will also be recorded on the server, staff with performance issues will for sure will not like it. Plan this before you roll out the app for implementation, give them time to get comfortable with the change but be specific about the time frame.

We hope all this will help you in implementing the employee tracking app successfully. You can always talk to your account manager at dayTrack and the take their expert advice before rolling out the app in your organisation. Good Luck!


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