Employee Tracking App - Features dayTrack is feature rich mobile app for today's smart and fast moving business. It helps you to stay updated about your field employee work and GPS location all in real-time.
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Employee Tracking App Features

dayTrack is a feature-packed employee tracking app. It includes attendance, visits, orders, images and more.

Features of Employee Tracking App

Employee attendance


Employee can mark the attendance using the app
Attendance marked using employee tracking app will capture true time and GPS location
Attendance can be GPS location specific, user needs to be at the location to mark the attendance
Attendance with Selfie admin can make it mendatory in the employee tracking app
User can give the information about the day plan

Benefit of Employee Tracking AppBenefits
Admin gets attendance details in real-time on admin panel and can see users location on map
Team Leader will get notification when any team member marks attendance



User can access the contact list and have access to customer's details including its GPS location1
Admin can add/upload the contact list i.e. distributors, dealers, retailers or clients
User can sync the contacts of company on the app i.e. distributor, retailer or clients
Users can add new contacts also using the employee tracking app
Admin can control to allow user to add new contact
User can set the profile picture, GPS coordinates for the contact
Contacts of an user can be transferred to another user
Contacts can be assigned to users i.e. contacts of one user will not be accessibel to others
Team leader can access contact list of any team member

Benefit of Employee Tracking AppBenefits
Users can be assigned contacts directly using the app, no hassel when a new employee joins
Any new contact added by user is stored on server and company has access to the records

1 - GPS coordinates of contact will be captured at the first time check-in

Employee's visit for business meeting with customer can be tagged with employee tracking app

Visits/Business Meeting

Field employee can mark his visit using the app
User can see when last visit was done and what was the order value
User can also access the due amount2 of the contact
Check-in will capture the time and location (GPS coordinates) of the meeting
After check-in user can book order, feed payment collection details, take notes, fill digital form
User needs to take atleast one image during the meeting (admin can disable this)
User can take multiple images during the visit
User can not upload any pre-captured or forwarded image, camera will open to take image
User can take image of the visited place, sign-board of the contact visited
For retail business, images can be of stock or branding done at the retail counter
User can take text notes related to meeting (this can be edited after meeting also)
User can also record audio notes of up to 5 minutes
User can add details of other concerned people at the client's office
Check-out will capture the visit rating, remarks, check-out time and location (GPS coordinates)
At Check-out, user can set next visit date and will get the reminder by email, notification
Team leader gets the list of reminders set by the team members, this keeps everyone connected

Benefit of Employee Tracking AppBenefits
Admin, team leader have direct access to the user's visit details in real-time
Admin, team leader can see GPS-location, check-in, check-out time of the visits
User can share order details directly using WhatsApp, SMS or Email with concerned person
Audio note is big help for those users who are not very good in writing or don't want to write long text notes
Collecting contact details of all concerned people at client's office helps you access the information more easily in future and you may run your marketing campagins more effectively by reaching-out to concered person.

Employee can feed their daily expense using employee tracking app

Expense Management

Admin can create expense heads and can make bill copy attachment mendatory
Employee can feed the daily expenses in the employee tracking app
Expense date, amount, head, remarks and bill copy can be entered
Accounts manager can access these records and can approve/disapprove the claim

Benefit of Employee Tracking AppBenefits
Saves a lot of time of the employee to create expense log at the end of the month
Reduces chances of error as user is feeding expense details as and when it is done

Day reporting sent by employee tracking app

Day Reporting

User gets email confirmation once attendance is successfully marked on server
User gets email after each check-out with details of visit
Team leader gets email with details of all visits done by team members
Team leader report has attendance details, visit details of all user using employee tracking app

Benefit of Employee Tracking AppBenefits
Saves time of user, no more reporting by sending email to Team leader (reporting officer)
Quick, day reports are shared after date change automatically, no more waiting for reports
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